Win $200 playing free iPhone game!

Win $200 or more playing free iPhone game!

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We are trying something different with our Top 5 star rated iPhone/iPad app. 

In an effort to give back to those of you who are addicted to playing the game - You can now win by playing a game - instead of a paying to win a game!

Crystal Sliders is a deceptively simple but fun and challenging new puzzle game!  Your goal is to remove all crystals from a starting arrangement by selecting groups of two or more adjacent crystals of the same color.  The larger the group removed at once, the larger your score.  But there's a twist: the remaining crystals slide and form new groups depending on which of six directions you've rotated the board.  At the beginning of a level, you can have well over a hundred possible choices, affecting which groups you'll be able to remove later.  Choose wisely!

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Note: Instructions were added after the first review:

You can win the greater of 5% of the game's profits during the contest period, or $100 if you can be the first to get past level 50 in Crystal Sliders - a Free iPhone game.

You can win the greater of 7% of the game's profits during the contest period, or $200 if you are the first to get past level 100.

Once you have past that level and gotten the Achievement in Game Center, Use the Feedback option to send us your email address and game center ID, and we will verify that you did indeed not only got the achievement, but in fact did play the game.  


Click Here to download the game.  Good luck.